Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Greatest Gift

He is God's ultimate gift.
He is the best heaven has to offer.
God's greatest gift.
God's greatest giving.
God's greatest act.
God's greatest display of love and righteousness.
God's most precious Son.

Are you gonna ignore it?
Are you gonna reject it?
Are you gonna bypass, sidetrack, omit, scorn it?
You are rejecting the one thing God thinks most highly of.
The closest and dearest thing to His heart.

How can we ignore..
How can we forget..
How can we downplay..
How can we deny?

The one thing most important to God.

Only one question remains..
Only one line divides..
Only one sin is left..

"What have you done with the Gift I gave to you- My darling Son Jesus Christ?"

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