Monday, May 21, 2007

So many reasons to be thankful

It's been a good day...
So many reasons to thank God for..

1. Pay raise!! For all government servants today! I'm in the U40 and above category, so i get 15% increase!! And also a 100% increase on COLA (Cost of living allowance)!

2. Everyone i tagged responded, including my sis who doesn't usually blog. Hey, any reason to be glad!

3. Nechelle and i finally signed up at a bridal shop and paid the deposit yesterday! That's after shopping through about 9 shops over the past many weeks! Progress!!

4. I got my new Linkin Park CD!

5. We're gonna have our first TNT band practice this Thursday night! So exciting!

6. This is the best one.. saved for the last...... NO ONCALL THIS SATURDAY!!! My good fren and colleague who just came back from Oman has kindly agreed to take over my weekend call.. so... I'm free!!!!

Praise God!


Sara said...

hello hello! can't wait to see your wedding pics when i come back... hey, have some new stuff on my blog... check it out check it out! your music making me wanna rap... uh huh... uh huh...

CP Waterman said...

Wow 1 shop out of 9! I'm sure your photos will be a 'knock out'.
Many congrats!
I also want to thank God that I can still run but swimming may be a better option now.
Praise God!

Yuri said...

we get COLA oso meh?