Monday, May 07, 2007

Ol' Faithful

Yep. She still runs strong and daily drives me to the hospital and back. This 1992 model Saga was a gift of love from my parents when i first started studying at Uni. And she was with me through all five years of Med school.

Almost two years ago, on the Sunday of July the 17th 2005, after leading songs at church and having a quick lunch with mom and dad.. I drove down to JB on the Ol' Faithful. And even though i've since been back to KL on numerous occasions, she has never left the City in the South, ever. Would this be her final resting place?

Her days are numbered, that's for sure.. And there are even talks about new wheels in town.
But don't hold your breath.

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Lam said...

Haha, the old faithful huh? Proton never make good cars, except the saga and iswara. Some say wira but i disagree though...

Anyway, just dropping by to say that


Yeah, a lame game created by some blogger in order to annoy and waste other people's time. No, I din create all about it in my latest post (