Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Must-watch movie of the year!!

Wow i can't wait for tomorrow!! I'm gonna go watch Spider-man 3!! After waiting for so long...!! Imagine.. Spider-man.. the black suit.. Venom.. Gwen Stacy.. there's so much to get excited over!!
I know the show opens today actually, but i'm oncall you see.. so tomorrow we have a date!
Read some reviews on the movie-- i choose to read some not-so-good reviews to sort of lower my expectations a little.. Here's something interesting i found:
Unfortunately, no, it isn’t. Not to say it’s a bad film, it’s not, in fact it’s a very good film – just one that suffers from the curse of the ‘3’s. It happened with “Batman Forever,” “The Godfather III,” “Return of the Jedi” and “Terminator 3” as well. All good films that sadly just couldn’t live up to their awesome predecessors – they were the light or diet versions of their super fathers. I think we’ve begun to expect so much from the “Spider-Man” movies that when one isn’t quite as good as the other it stands out like a wart on an ear lobe.
Well, 'curse of the 3's' or not.. this show's a MUST-WATCH on my list!!

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