Monday, May 14, 2007

10 random things..

okayy... so i was tagged by Lam from his blog..
As it goes, once you're tagged, you're supposed to come out with a list of 10 random things about yourself.. anything, really.. just off the top of your head..

don't take it too seriously okay..
here goes..

One.. er.. hehe..
no, wait.. that's too gross..

one, i love to sing. maybe more than playing any one musical instrument.
two, i try to practice singing every day. but i don't. but i try.. every time i'm driving home from work, i'll sing along to the same jeremy camp CD. Must have heard it a thousand times already.

three, i'm into recording too. The Jesus Freak track you hear on my blog was made in 2002 or 03.. with the softwares Fruity loops, N-track and Sound Forge.

four, i wanna start a band! But.. my good musician buddies are all back in KL.. boo hoo..
five, i'm on my way to Sarawak! Reason: interest. Insider reason: calling. I expect to be working there in 1-3 months' time.

six, i'm going to Philipines for the first time this year! Nechelle and i are saving money to join a missions trip and camp organized by the TnT ministry in our church.

seven, you all know that i'm getting married in December. Church wedding in JB on the 1st, JB dinner on the 2nd, and KL dinner on the 8th.

eight, Nechelle and i are undergoing some pre-marriage counselling with our pastor here who will also be our wedding minister.. Ps. James Tan.

nine, er... what else...
okay, i'm working now to kick start a new Christian fellowship at Hospital Sultanah Aminah.. with my colleague and brother, Boon Ser.

ah, finally.. Ten..... what else........
I'm looking around to buy a new car.. and so far.. i feel like going for the new Toyota Avanza 1.5G that comes in black. Whaddaya think?


Now comes the part where i tag five fortunate souls...
-Sara, Victor, Jonathan, Nick and Carol!

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Victor said...

black car heats up real fast on a hot day. heh.