Monday, April 30, 2007

my cousin Nick's new Les Paul

Man.. what a beauty! Now i wish i had one too!! An electric i mean. Grr.... I want..! I want..!
Read more about the guitar:

3 years ago, i went to Perth to stay with my cousin for about 5 weeks... i was doing my electives attachment at a hospital there. At that time, NICK had recently bought his first Good guitar-- a full solid handcrafted Maton. And ever since, i was inspired to buy my very own and first guitar.. Which I DID... last Christmas, i finally took into possession my much treasured and lovely Larrivee Acoustic.

Am i being inspired again?


DaSinner said...

Just to note... its not a Gibson Les Paul. it's an Epiphone i got =P. Can't afford a Gibson (to afford one of those babies I'd probably have to wait till i start working full time - a while away)

but i'm touched u mentioned my guitar on the blog =D may we jam soon.

enjoy your baby... may she remain scratchless, pure, and untarnished by age (i refer to the guitar =P)...

steve said...

nice guitar...