Monday, April 23, 2007


i've just realized one thing.. tomorrow is the fourth year anniversary of this little BLOG i have here.. now i know that i had only moved over to in January 2005 (that's over two years ago already!).. but i've actually been kinda like 'blogging' on my old website (man, those were the days..) since 24th April 2003. And this date has always been on display at the lower right-hand corner of the blog since day one: Website online since: 24-04-03

So what does it feel like.. blogging over the years.. from before i even started fourth year at Uni.. till today, when i'm already into almost two years of service at JB's general hospital...? Well for one, it is definitely a testimony of a journey of faith in a Faithful God. I hate to sound religious all the time, but i always want to be true to my heart. That's why you don't see me chasing cars, cash and career advancement in medicine. I'd much rather do something musical.

The other thing that i discovered, as i browse through some of the entries of yesteryears.. was the candidness and free-flowing streams of speech-like thoughts that was evident in all of the early entries when i first started out here at Blogspot. I especially liked "No title" and "Sunday evening again" from waay back in January 2005.

In many ways, i actually started today's entry in that same spirit.. to begin.. without the end in mind. Blogs need to be human.. and alive-- not 'highly effective'. Ho Ho Ho.... :)

I leave you, ladies and gentlemen, with the Classic, Collector's Item, Limited edition, Extremely Rare, Complete and Unabridged, First-ever blog entry on that faithful day when it all began....

On holidays now.. Got another one week and half before starting year four at uni. Spent the last few days doing up this site. Whaddaya think?!

Happy birthday BLOG!

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