Tuesday, January 16, 2007

enter the Larrivee

Remember the dream guitar i was talking about recently? Well i didn't buy it. I bought something much better!

Enter the Larrivee:
Full solid body, top, sides and back, ebony fretboard, handcrafted in Canada and with a built-in pick-up. Plays like a dream and sounds amazing. Finally, my very own guitar!!


Steve Lam said...

Hey...nice guitar man. Lemuel told me about it, but i havent seen it before. Was supposed to go shop for it with u guys, but had exmas and assignments at that time. Anyway, great to see/hear from u again, read about your trip to Sabah, awesome man. C ya around sometime soon ya. God bless

DaSinner said...

hehe nice guitar man... cant wait to jam with you again (fly over to perth lahh =P)...
anyways... looks like i'll be seeing you end of the year =D... its been too long man. catcha soon online k?