Sunday, November 05, 2006

to Singapore and back!

on leave for five days.. took it to attend a day seminar at church yesterday-- on Personality Traits. I'm a 'C/I/S' and Nechelle's an 'S/I'. Nevermind.. I dont' expect u to understand a word of that unless you've been through a similar study..

I was at Singapore today. Woke up late this morning.. had brunch at Nech's, then we drove in to the first-world nation down south. The causeway was a breeze.. then after customs, it's the Bukit Timah Expressway, Stevens Road, Scotts Road, and finally Orchard Road. You know Orchard Road rite..

You can park at the Far East Plaza for 3 dollars flat. Okay okay, i admit-- it was my first time driving into the city so that's why i'm making a big fuss of everything.. hhaahaha..

Anyway Nechelle did some serious shopping at Atria Plaza, while i played some serious (and free) videogames on some demo PSP units. Then we had lovely Hainan chicken rice for lunch. THEN, we made our way, all the way, via MRT and Bugis street with all their live street action, to Sim Lim Plaza-- supposedly (i won't reveal my sources) the LOW YAT PLAZA of Singapore.

And there we got superb bargain prices for the cards we needed-- one, a mini-sd for nech's pda, and two, a rs-mmc for my nokia. Which are two very different cards i might add. Okay, second confession-- a few weeks ago i was trying to stuff my rs-mmc into nech's pda thinking it was a mini-sd.

The surprises of life.

Before we left, we stopped by at kinokuniya, bought some bubble tea and finally got some biscuits from Woodlands for Nech's mom.

Great day.


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