Wednesday, July 19, 2006

one year!

I just wanna thank God for bringing me through one year of living in JB, one year of working life, and one year of being a doctor!

One year ago, on July the 18th, I stepped foot for the first time into Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johore Bahru. Bright-eyed, fresh faced, motivated and excited, i was awkwardly thrust into the heart of one of busiest hospitals in the country. There were countless days of fatigue, fear, confusion, desperation and pure depression.. but the God i believe in was always true to his promises and saw me through it all.

There were plenty of good days too-- Enjoying newly-found friendships, relaxing through the occasional 'quiet' day, and sometimes just getting high with post-call euphoria. Above all, you realize every now and then that you have acquired new skills, new knowledge, new abilities and new confidence-- things you didn't have not too long ago. You become a 'senior' HO and are expected to pass on your knowledge to the newer Dr's.

I must also thank Nechelle and her family for being so kind and generous throughout the past year, and making living and life here in JB a pure JOY.

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