Sunday, May 28, 2006


I'm so glad that i don't have to go back to do oncall today. It's a Sunday, for goodness's sake. I have plans, you know. Plans to relax, enjoy, and REST after a long week of oncalls at the labour room. Moreover, there's a farewell lunch at church where Nechelle and I are in charge of preparing some food.

I got the call yesterday, asking me to be on stand-by to take today's oncall because some irresponsible joker went AWOL, and since i'm one of the only HO's available (as in, not pre-call, oncall or post-call and not out-of-town). Darn. And so i was troubled. and the whole of jerusalem with me. There really seemed to be not way out.

And so i started praying. And i got back-up-- from my mighty prayer warriors, namely Nech, my Mom, Dad and sis. I decided to put my hope in God. To trust in him and his word. Jesus said, 'Come to me, you weary and burderned, and i will give you REST'. And REST was something i badly needly. So i went to Jesus.

And guess what? Our God is the God of the impossibles. He can sort it out for us. He is good. And he answers prayers.

Today, Sunday, holiday.. a Day where i can rest, relax and enjoy.. spend time with loved ones.. and have a good night's sleep at the end.. is a gift from my Good Father in heaven. Thanks, Dad!

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carol said...

ey y dun u get ur shoutbox to werk agayn?