Thursday, May 25, 2006

time flies..

Time flies.. when you're having fun-- or when you're oncall Every Other Day (the dreaded EOD). Since starting work again last week, i've been oncall on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and I'll be oncall again tomorrow (Friday). Cool? Nope. Fun? NO. Tiring? Hell, yes.

Why do we have to do calls? Why can't we just.. NOT do calls?
Okay, so maybe we DO need doctors in the hospitals at night.. But how about if we get the next day off? Like, after working for over 24 hours.. at least give us half a day off the following day to catch up on some sleep like other human beings. Instead, we're made to carry on working through the next day like any other day. Whatever. I'm probably too tired now to make any sense.

Okay, that's my quota of musings for the day.

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