Monday, May 15, 2006


hey wazzup.. i'm back in the blog.
yeah, i know.. i haven't been writing in ages. it's not my fault. it's the dept i'm in. o&g sucks.. haha.. it's sucking the life outta me.

i've been in jb for 10 months now. completed 4 months of paeds and 4 months of surgery.. but nothing prepared me for the busyness and stress of o&g. Man, what a life! I'm writing today only because i'm on leave-- my first since starting 2 months ago. I had the weekend off plus mon-wed. Went back to KL for the weekend.. and got to celebrate mother's day with mom and dad. Most importantly, got to rest and eat and catch up on plenty of sleeping..... Ahh.. i can feel my soul returning to me...

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