Saturday, December 10, 2005

my december

wow i can't wait for christmas.. for my holiday! i'm getting so tired of all this working.. i need a break!! So glad i got my leave approved-- 25th to 28th December.. We'll be spending christmas eve at nech's church here.. our Cellgroup have a singing/skit performance.. and i'm having fun creating the soundtrack to the skit and the minus-one track for the song we're singing. Cool stuff.

Christmas day, my good pal Ian has enlisted a reunion performance of 'O Holy Nite', accapella, like the ones we did i think 2 years back. That'll be cool but i hope we can still remember our parts..

Then we can have a nice christmas dinner with my parents and all.. and then chill out for the next few days in my Home Town... big city Kay-El.

I think i got a pretty neat xmas/bday gift for carol.. but i still haven't mailed it yet...... anyway hope she likes it.

Alrites baby.. signing out-- this is Doctor D.



Carae said...

Merry Christmas, Dave. I hope it is as wonderful as you anticipate.

carol said...

i'm having hols too! 30 precious days!!!