Sunday, November 27, 2005

Noah's Ark

wow.. it's been so long since anyone, me included, typed anything into the flooble chaterbox that now they've deleted my account. Wow.. dude. I can re-register but hey.. let's have some peace and quiet for a while okay. Dude, so what if there's no 'chatterbox' here.

Carol is studying hard and training hard to become a barrister in UK, doing well too i might add. My parents are still recovering from jet-lag since their 2nd UK trip this year-- to attend Carol's convocation. Me, i've into the second week at a new department-- Surgery. No, i don't DO surgery, but we prepare patients and take care of them after operations. Yeah, we do need to assist in surgeries sometimes.

Right now i'm mugging a neonatal resusitation manual coz i'm going for a two-day course and exam on tuesday. Wish me luck.

My fave lecturer Dr. Yap left yesterday with his wife Joan to Pakistan for a 2-week missions trip to help earthquake victims. He continues to be my hero and inspiration.

My girlfriend Nechelle is doing well but also very busy with her job as a business R&D officer at a modern and progressive steel company. She recently got an excellent performance review from her christian boss at the completion of 3 months as a trainee officer and now looks forward to bigger challenges and a bigger paycheck.

I've always thought that i would go join a big church here in jb and get involved in the music ministry.. but so far, it looks like i'm settling in Nech's local branch Chinese church that her family is attending. We're involved in the Christmas celebrations on 24th and i have a speaking role to play in a 'Noah's Ark' skit. No, i'm not playing an animal.. Animals don't speak, silly.

Well that's it. Carol, if you're reading.. we've bought your birthday gift and will be mailing it over soon.

Take care you all. Drop me a line any time.

Dr. David.


DaSinner said...

davey my cousin bro:) good to hear ure doin well. just finished exams 2 weeks ago hahahah am now preparing for results... (fasting and praying... etc etc). yes i will blog soon... dont worry
take care dude

David Lim said...

good to hear from you BRO! lots of love, miss you and hope to see you soon okay??

all the best for your exam results!

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