Wednesday, October 12, 2005

yaow wazzup

heya heay peoples.. hows it goin..
Here i am again.. hanging out..
it's been a rather good day today..
Got my night rounds outta the way pretty efficiently.. then had nice, hot and deliciously home-cooked 'pan mee' at nechelle's place.
Again, i believe that air-con came from God-- for what good thing had not come from him? It makes such a big difference, to your mood, your mind, body, soul.. when the temperature is down just a few degrees.
Okay maybe i'm going nuts about air-conditioning becoz my hostel room is hot as hell and humid as er.. whatever. Not to mention the armies of super-aedes mozzies lurking angrily beyond my kelambu, hungry for a taste of my blood.

Okay enough of complaining.. now on to better things.

I've started writing songs again! The past few days there's been this sudden surge of musical ideas and inspiration to merge music and words.. got quite a few songs in the making right now..

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