Saturday, October 01, 2005

Of newborns and babies

Yo wazzup.. rite now i'm chillin at my gf's place. just installed the wifi router last week.. so now i can use the comp in the air-con comfort of my room. Well not really my room-- actually it's her brother's room.. but it's the room that i use whenever i sleep over.

So wazzup.. what's new..? I've just transfered to a new block at the hospital this week. I'm still in paediatrics-- that's children medicine; but after 2 months on the bigger kids block, i'll be spending the next 2 months at the neonates block-- Meaning kids, humans, babies, or what have u.. less than a month old. Mostly newborns. Yup.. I have to learn how to handle babies.. After spending all my life avoiding them. But surprisingly, i found myself curiously attracted to the little buggers.

These small little babies have such amazing attraction-- in their cuteness, fully transparent emotions and absolute innocence. When you're dealing with a bigger kid who is being difficult, screaming and fighting and all, you can redirect the frustration from your inability to handle the situation and instead blame it on the kid, or his parents-- you say he's a spoilt kid, a brat, a bad kid. But now when you're having difficulties with a newborn.. a new life.. so pure and innocent-- you have only yourself to blame. Coz there're no bad babies. All babies are good.


yyyap said...

is that one of your patients? did you get consent from the parents to post the pic online? being a 'privileged' person in the hospital, putting up a patient's picture may be considered breach of trust/unethical. malaysians are generally behind on this, but litigation on this sort of thing is high in the west.

David Lim said...

hahaha... releks lah, don't worry.. i made sure the pic came from a 'safe' source.