Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mmm.. nasi lemak

Nech's mom made nasi lemak today.. for dinner! It was good. Nech took some pics but we can't find the connecting cable to transfer the photos to pc.. Guess you'll just have to wait. Tomorrow, perhaps. And now, we're going to enjoy some coconut water.. chilled to thrill. Hehe..

To Lem, hey bud, hurry up and start your blog already. We're all waiting.

To Ashok, all the best for your first oncall tonight. Don't lose hope, don't lose heart. Don't be like our other friend who's taken a one-week MC after his first oncall. Hehehe..

To all the rest of you, actually Lem and Ashok don't really come to this page. I just made those remarks for fun.

And to Carol and Nic, hehe.. you both know that 'the rest of you' really refers to you guys.. haha.... Thanks for being there for me!


Alive and well in JB, Love City.

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