Saturday, September 03, 2005

Merdeka (encore)

I quote my patriotic cousin Nic down south:

Malaysia is not just a country... i've come to realise that as citizens wherever we are, we are the country. the country is the people...
so it is with happiness that every 31 August i celebrate something dear to my heart. my homeland. the place that gave me life (to which hopefully one day i will return). and i pray that i get the chance one day to contribute to what made my country so dear to my heart.
its a simple line, but its true "i am, we are, you are Malaysian"... i urge you guys to remember what that means. and when you find out what it means, that is when you realise the significance of 31st August 1957.
God places us in wherever we were born ... to make a difference. Malaysia isnt without its faults. but who is? like it or not... its home. it was home. now it is not physically home, but its home in my heart anyways...
God bless you all, and i wish you all a happy Merdeka Day...

Beautifully put cousin.. Hope u had a good one.

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