Thursday, August 18, 2005

Reporting in!

Hello friends.. WAZZUP!! How's the world been while i was away?? Hehe..

Sorry for the 4-week absence.. i've been.. busy adjusting to this new life in a new place.

I'm currently working as a medical officer in the paediatric ward here in Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johore Bahru. It's nice.. finally leaving the student life and starting to get paid for walking around the hospital, hehe.. and u get to wear this nice tag that says 'Dr David'.. hoho.. and then u get this nice place to stay in, okay, so it's really old and full of mosquitos, but it's really big, got something like a 'reception area', 'kitchen' and attached bathroom. Not bad at all.. A space to call my own.

As for net access, well i've finally solved the prob by applying for a streamyx connection here at Nech's place. Next we gonna get a cheap wi-fi router so everyone gets to have fun.

How are the hours? Well for now, it's quite relaxing, coz i haven't gone to the hardcore postings like medicine or O&G.. so it's basically 7.30am to 5pm daily.. with some night rounds here and there and of course, who can escape the 24hr oncalls. Punch in at 7am monday, and only finish your work and go back on tuesday 5pm. Doctors reading will be all too familiar with this.. but for the rest of you.. it's kinda difficult to relate the experience. Nice, busy, free, tension, stress, fatigue, satisfying, learning, frustration all rolled-up in one nice overnight stay at the hospital.

I will write more.

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