Wednesday, August 31, 2005


ey wassup.. Today's August 31st.. malaysia's Independence day. Flags are a raisin' and Hands are a wavin'.. hehe.. poetry from dr. david... It's a good day, today.. just went to catch a movie at JB's Leisure Mall.. Movie= "RED EYE".. Wow, what a great film! I went in expecting nothing but came out with nothing but praises for the movie! High recommendations from me. What's the film about? Well, you got a chick, a badass, a plane flight.. and the rest you can watch for yourself...

Mom and dad called.. They joined church to go to Bentong for a baptism service. Remember the place? Well if you were my sis, then you probably would. And remember that guy wei hong who comes to church with a limp? Well he still walks with a limp but he's getting baptised today. Amen hallelujah! Another heart that believes and mouth that confesses that Jesus is Lord! I love to hear good news.

Well you know, i was down and out the past two days.. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever... Acute onset, after spending a week in the AGE paediatric ward upstairs. Yup, caught it from the darn kids. The GP laugh at me and said i must haven't been practising proper handwashing techniques.. hehe.. but then i was smiling outta the clinic coz he told the nurse to give me the medicines for free. What a great doc. Dr. Chua, UM grad. I'll always remember this small act of kindness. Knowing i'm a month-old doctor, who doesn't know how to prescribe medications for himself, and still waiting for that much delayed first paycheck.. living off my parents, my girlfriend AND her parents.. hehhehehehehhehehehehehehehahahahaha.......

God it's good to be alive.

Amen! See yas peoples.

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