Tuesday, April 19, 2005

SPA Interview

I've got to go for an interview tomorrow, with SPA which is the goverment's agency for employing staff-- Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awan. Public Service Agency i think. So anyway, yeah, i need to pass this one before i can work as a houseman later. (Yeah, i need to pass my finals too..)

The interview will be held at Putrajaya, at 8am tomorrow morning.. gotta drive all the way there.. and we're told to bring a 'resume bergambar'.. which kept me busy for a while putting a resume together, which you can see below. Half of you will be saying ------ the other half 'huh, is that all? what's the deal man, why are u showing-off all these mediocre achievements?'

Hehe.. so i'll just say 'shut-up man.. i'll post whatever i want here and i don't need a reason. There're a billion other blogs out there so why are u wasting your time here?'

Okay, i admit. The exams next week IS stressing me. Sorry..


The Worshippers said...

hey dave, have a safe drive all the way to putrajaya. There are too many roads there in putrajaya and if possible bring along the putrajaya maps with u and if not u might lost somewhere in putrajaya.

David Lim said...

thanks kahwai.. yeah you're right, there are lotsa roads there.. lotsa presincts, parcels and what nots.. i looked up a map on the internet as well as got some good directions from a friend, so i got there no prob and in good time. Had a good interview too thanks to our good Father. See ya! Busy preparing for the big day????

The Worshippers said...

yeah dave! very bz