Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hi wazzup

Yup i've got only 2 weeks plus before the final examz.. seems like everyting i do/think/feel these days revolve around this issue.. man.. just can't wait for it all to be over.. I've been alternating between studying like a crazy guy and then being crazy lazy wasting my time.. okok.. it's not that bad.. alright.. so what's been happening? Well, yesterday i was at burger king with a bunch of med students, doing you guessed it, studying. yeah, it's our study group of sorts. Something like that.. discussion group, whatever.. what a bunch of nerds eh? Not really seriously considering the exams only 2 weeks away and how this whole subject of medicine is really an interactive sorta thingy.. we can't just sit in a corner all day reading a book.. you gotta come out and play man! interact with your patients, doctors, lecturers (you know, get a hang of the kind of questions they tend to ask, as well as the WAY they ask.. gotta get used to being interogated). Speaking of interogation, yeah i think that's a beautiful way of describing our exams.. our clinical exams i mean. After being given one hour with a random patient, we're supposed to come up with a history, physical examination as well as diagnosis, investigations to order, treatment, etc.... That's the easy part really, coz then the questions come blasting in.. 'What do you mean by that? Oh, then tell me the causes of that. Are there any other ways to do that?' Well, something like that lah.. i can't really think of really good examples coz i'm so sleepy. The idea is this- you gotta know what you're talking about coz they can challenge anything or even any word you bring up. Which is kinda cool when you're talking about a topic very familiar to yourself.. but when it's something not so.. then.. hahaha...

Whatever.. what am i talking about anyway.

Then lecturers from medicine are really nice. concerned actually.. they've got this tutorial for all of us almost everyday at 4-5pm. Sorta like tell us what are the important topics to focus on..

Why did i go to UPM?? My classmates who went to UM and UKM have already graduated and having holidays now...Damn! One guy who went to Manapal in India has already started working as a houseman-- at HKL! So every time i go to this medical ward trying to look for cases to practise my short cases etc, i'll see him busy filling forms, doing stuff, you know, things that a houseman does lah. But it's okay lah.. it's really no big deal right.. it's only a few months.. we gonna be around for many more years.. well most of us anyway.. some of us might not be so lucky to live till old age. But death is really something that puts a lot of things in perspective. Why the big fuss about getting better than your peers, constantly seeing who's ahead.. like who's gonna specialize first, or drive a BMW first.. but haha.. i already have a friend (a good pal) driving one. today. now. hahahha.. yeah so anyway i was saying.. yeah, we're all gonna die one day, not too far away, some of us sooner and others later.. and a lot of things aren't really gonna matter on that day.. or the years and decades preceeding i suppose. Whatever.. if i've got the time i'll write more on this.

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