Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I wanna thank God for answering my prayers..

I had my surgical posting exam today.. The examiner was really nice-- Mr. Mohd, my kind and helpful supervisor during my 3rd year research project. So anyway, it went on very smoothly.. i managed to clerk and examine my patient well and then presented the findings. The discussion also went on well, and i was able to answer most of the questions that he posted. So now i'm on sort of like a 'mini' break which i gave myself.. just for a day or two, since the theory exam is next week. And just now, Nechelle treated me to my fav ice mocha blended at Coffee Bean, Section 14. Which is probably why i'm wide-eyed super awake at 2.40am now.. hehe.. But nevermind.. I've got nothing particularly important going on tomorrow morning.

I would also like to (seriously) thank God for the blue skies and little white clouds hovering cutely over KL city these few days, thanks to the wonderful washings from heaven called Rain.. I've never seen, felt and smelt such terrible haze that had been blanketing our city in the past two weeks. The Rain has certainly helped TREMENDOUSLY to clean up our air, skies, as well as lungs. Amen!

Finally, i would also like to thank God for graciously providing me lately with a parking space in a nice convenient section of the hospital even though those spaces are usually fully occupied at the hour that i normally arrive. Somehow, there'll always be someone who wants to leave when i arrive there.. Cool right??


absolutcarol said...

wow, so is the parking miracle still ongoing?

i should pray for my student shuttle to be more punctual.

David Lim said...

yeah you should!