Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A tritone is basically two notes..

A tritone is basically two notes on the music scale that are 3 whole tones apart. E.g. B and F. They're found in V7 chords e.g. G7, and has a very strong 'pull' to a stable chord, e.g. G7 pulls down to C. But you already knew that.

The interesting thing about tritones is that as F is 3 tones above B, B is also 3 tones above F. But what does this all mean?

The notes B and F are the 3rd and 7th notes in the chord G7-- but there are also the 3rd and 7th notes in the chord C#7. Therefore, if you wanna JAZZ things up a little, you can substitute the plain G7 chord in your songs with chord C#7.

Throw in a related II and you're all set with a new chord progression to impress your fellow bandmates:
G#m7 --> C#7 --> C


absolutcarol said...

ohhhh i get it!!!!!!!!!! now to find a damn piano......

David Lim said...

you know i got that prob too-- NO PIANO! I wish i had a small kybd in my room.. coz i can't go bang on the piano downstairs at 12.30am.. and every day when i get back from uni in the evenings, POPO is watching tv. When i play louder, she turns up the volume even more! I can't fight with tv loudness lah.. it's so funny. Then later at night, DAD will be watching tv.. aiyo..