Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My deepest condolence goes out to Tracy and family..

over the loss of her father last week. Mr. Fabian Lim, 54, a well-known lawyer in Kuching, was murdered last Friday while walking out from a restaurant with his wife after dinner. He was shot in the head and neck and died on the spot. Although I do not know Tracy personally, she's my sister's friend and they're both final year law students in Bristol.

New Straits Times article

Email from my sis:
Hey, my friend's father was murdered two days ago. He was shot in the
head and throat while going out with his wife. It's in the news,
Fabian Lim, the lawyer in Kuching.

My friend, Tracey, has gone home to Kuching for the funeral. She left
thinking her father fell and was unconscious. Even then she was
shaking in the airport. Please pray for her, that she will be
strong... that her assignments will be completed and handed in on
time... some of us are planning to finish it for her... and that she
will want to return to continue her final year to get her law degree.
thanks. i'm really sad and it would mean a lot to me if you prayed for


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carol said...

Tracy is the first one on the left. They mixed the sister's names up.