Saturday, February 05, 2005

Just got back from music practice..

Yeah.. Rowlance's not feeling well so he asked Lemuel to replace him.. then Lemuel went down with tonsilitis and asked me to take over..

So I'm leading worship at church tomorrow morning.

The songs:
1. He is Lord (old song as a warm-up)
2. Better than life
3. Home (Hillsong)
4. Jesus we celebrate your victory
5. Thank you for loving me (my song)
6. With all I am (Hillsong)
7. Take all of me (Hillsong)

The musicians:
Joshua- acoustic guitar
Lam- electric guitar
Jonathan- bass
Jeremy- drums
Jessica- keyboards
Steven and Melanie- back-up vocals

Please pray that we have a wonderful worship session tomorrow where GOD is glorified. Amen!!

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