Saturday, February 05, 2005

I broke my contacts this morning..

It was a day that started like any other.. I was cleaning the contact lens for my left eye when it suddenly just split into two pieces right between my fingers.. At first, I didn't think it was really happening coz it was kinda early in the morning and it felt like a bad dream, haha.. So anyway later i called up my eye doc and ordered a new lens and went to pick it up around 11am.. He told me that i was lucky that it didn't happen later in the day, coz Saturday was a half-day, and the contact lens supplier was gonna close for A WEEK for the Chinese New Year! That would have been BAD news, because i can't survive with only one eye for a week! I have a backup pair of spectacles, but it's definitely gonna affect my studies and my Chinese New Year.. I may even have to cancel my trip driving down to JB..

So there you have it.. THANK YOU GOD. Days like these remind me to appreciate the simple things in life.. like vision.


absolutcarol said...

how on earth did it split into two?!?!? man...

David Lim said...

a) i rubbed it a LITTLE too hard,
b) the water i use every day isn't suitable, has mineral deposits which made it hard and brittle over time, or
c) something else??

I dunno lah..

absolutcarol said...

hahaha.. this reminds me of the Trustee Act 2000. trustees may acquire land for the purposes of
a) investment
b) an occupation by the beneficiary
c) any other reason?

but perhaps in your case you breached the 'duty of care'(s.1). hahaha. sorry. dumb law joke.