Sunday, January 23, 2005

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Yo yo wazzup guys...
heya, it's a Sunday evening over here and guess what?
Like, who cares anyway.. it's not like anyone else actually comes and sees this blog. Haha.. My very own private space in the net. Where i can scream and shout and SQUEEEEEELLLLL!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! And not a soul will hear.. Not now at least.. Maybe next time there will be some souls wandering over here if like maybe i pull myself together to actually post something proper here.. Or maybe like change my personality haha.. then i'll have more friends.. or any, haha.......... hahahahahhahahahaha... okokok... i think i'm enjoying this a Little too much.... if somebody's talking to himself or laughing to himself, psychiatrists would put that as TTH, or LTH, and that's like saying he's psychotic. But isn't that what i'm doing rite now??? Oh rite then... a little craziness is always healthy. No, seriously.. we're all crazy in little and different ways.. it's only when it's major crazy and prolonged crazy that we get dragged to a hospital or something. Anyway... Am i scaring you already? Oh wait, you're not there.. I'm typing this all to myself..

I started this blog with wanting to put interesting stuff here.. stuff that caught my attention.. well, hehe.. haven't gotten around to that yet.. I'm a Lazy boy. Not that i'm proud of it.. Being lazy is bad. The Bible condemns it. So that's why i'm wanting to change. Little by little, to be more like Jesus every day. I should probably start by ending this post and starting on my homework. Yup, i've procrastinated until sunday nite to prepare for a presentation tomorrow.. It's about this malignant Melanoma that some guy has in his rectum. And the op's already done, but the spread is quite extensive so.... it's really sad. Anyway you got loads of cases like these in the hospitals.. Sometimes you're afraid that one day you'll get numb to all the dying and become indifferent to people's sufferings.. But God forbid, and i know his spirit in me will help me., I'll always have compassion-- Christ's compassion for the sick and needy.

Exam's in about three months.. I'm actually beginning to feel a little like a real doctor.. hahaha.... so farnie... Lord, you're my help and my strength.

Okay i really should go now.. i have work long procrastinated to attend to. Shut up i must. Assignments to do i have. hahahahaha..... crazy..

Okays, see ya around..


DaSinner said...

hehehe looks like i better prevent my cousin from goin even more crazy :-P ... yeah YES!!! im the first guy to post a comment here :-D hahaha *immature* yes. have no idea what a TTH or LTH is... which is one of the benefits of not studying med muahaha (go LaW!!!)
on another note... hmmm keep up the blogging :-D good to hear my cousin isnt just another study-crazy med student :-O
okies take care cousin!!! God bless ehh and all the best for those exams
cant wait to be able to call u Dr Lim :-D

David Lim said...

hey nicks from aussie!! thanks for commenting!! Yahoooo!! Now at least i know Someone read Something on my site!! I don't feel so lonely anymore.. .woohooooo... hahahahhahaha... No, really, thanks man.. you're the man!! Btw, nick has a blog himself, which has way better mileage.. how do you spell that word anyway.. check it out:
er.. wait.. what was it again? or something like that rite..?? Oh no...... DUDE.
okokok.. found it:
check it out!!