Sunday, January 30, 2005

Does anyone know how..

Does anyone know how i can incorporate this blog into my personal homepage?
i know the answer's probably just a few clicks away.. but i guess rite now i'm just too lazy to find out..
And blogspot sucks.. can't post pics easily. I've downloaded and installed and signed-up for HELLO twice, but i keep getting an error message that prevents me from logging in. And the whole darned program (Hello) just shuts down. Lousy...

Does anyone know of any better Blog host, that lets us add pics easily?? For free i mean. Hehe..


The Worshippers said...

ai yo Dr dave me same situaation as u lah cannot post the pic also. Luckily i asked my PD friend (gideon Ng) and he told me this website. and u can load your pic there, copy the tag and paste your post

David Lim said...

actually you don't need to..
It's made to work with blogspot.